November 22, 2008

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October 14, 2008


Hello, World

Hopefully soon we will get this bad boy up and running with some real content.

In the meantime, just wanted to give you a quick heads up about a set we're doing at a sweet exhibit going on at the Stephen D. Paine Gallery over at MassArt. The Speaker Project is a "sculptural sound project" by Chicago artist Juan Angel Chavez. This free exhibit runs until November 22.

We'll be doing our DJ set this Saturday, October 18, from 12p-2p. The set we're planning is a little more spacey than Persuasion's usual gamut of deep house and minimal techno. Instead, to showcase the installation's unique soundscape, we'll focus on more atmospheric, avant-garde, echoing electronic tracks (e.g., Gas, Deepchord, Robert Henke, Klimek, etc.)

If you can't make it out this Saturday, be sure to check out this awesome exhibit before it closes in November. See the website above for a full schedule of performances.

(Nota Bene: This week is the biennial fundraiser for our mother station, WZBC, 90.3FM in Boston. If you are a regular listener, or just a supporter of good radio, call 617-552-4686 to show your support. There are cool WZBC t-shirts, bottle openers, hoodies and whatnot depending on how much you're able to donate.)